Do These Three Things

I have never been more productive in the last 31 days of my life. Ok, I can’t really prove that, but stick with me here.

I did three main things:

  1. I created a “Might Do List / Daily Highlights” note on my iPhone.
  2. I made sure I did my ONE or TWO Daily Highlights.
  3. I turned my phone off while working on my daily highlighted tasks. That’s it! 

Just doing these three things I managed to accomplish in 31 days the following: (and I don’t mean to brag) 


  • I finished producing a one-hour long Skillshare Drawing Class (Sign up and get 14 Days FREE)
  • I created my Skillshare profile 
  • I updated my new website 
  • I finished 4 dog commissions 
  • I marketed to all my social media about my commissions and my new class!
  • I listened to 3 audiobooks: Big Magic, Everything is Figuroutable, Do the Work 
  • I created a Mental Health Awareness collaboration NFT for a charity and it Sold! 
  • Finished 3 Skillshare courses on Productivity and Art 
  • Took care of other miscellaneous business Admins, and personal chores 
  • Went LIVE on TikTok to promote my Skillshare Class 
  • Had a Private lesson with one Art Student
  • Photo shoot at a Bridal Shower



Memphis, King, and Elvis Commission!

MY solo NFT for Mental Health Awareness Collaboration (SOLD!)


  • Dated my Wifey, Supported her at her Gig
  • Activity with the kids, Malonnie, and Bella 
  • I lost 5 pounds and counting 
  • I started blogging on my new website
  • Hang out with friends, Beach, Birthday Party 
  • Averaged 5K steps a day with my Boxer, Bella  
  • Took care of personal health and finances  
  • Watched Picasso with my Wifey, This is Us  

My Wife's Gig in NEW HOPE, PA! First GIG out since COVID

Thank you, friends, for being there!

Happy Birthday, Simona! What a great Party! Thank you for the invite!


Not bad eh? I’ll go more in-depth on how I implemented these 3 strategies in my next blog. This is just your appetizer. Stay tuned!  

Take care,  



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