Do These Three Things 

I have never been more productive in the last 31 days of my life. Ok, I can’t really prove that, but stick with me here.

I did three main things:

  1. I created a “Might Do List / Daily Highlights” note on my iPhone.
  2. I made sure I did my ONE or TWO Daily Highlights.
  3. I turned my phone off while working on my daily highlighted tasks. That’s it! 

Just doing these three things I managed to accomplish in 31 days the following: (and I don’t mean to brag) 


  • I finished producing a one-hour long Skillshare Drawing Class (Sign up and get 14 Days FREE)
  • I created my Skillshare profile 
  • I updated my new website 
  • I finished 4 dog commissions 
  • I marketed to all my social media about my commissions and my new class!
  • I listened to 3 audiobooks: Big Magic, Everything is Figuroutable, Do the Work 
  • I created a Mental Health Awareness collaboration NFT for a charity and it Sold! 
  • Finished 3 Skillshare courses on Productivity and Art 
  • Took care of other miscellaneous business Admins, and personal chores 
  • Went LIVE on TikTok to promote my Skillshare Class 
  • Had a Private lesson with one Art Student
  • Photo shoot at a Bridal Shower



Memphis, King, and Elvis Commission!

MY solo NFT for Mental Health Awareness Collaboration (SOLD!)


  • Dated my Wifey, Supported her at her Gig
  • Activity with the kids, Malonnie, and Bella 
  • I lost 5 pounds and counting 
  • I started blogging on my new website
  • Hang out with friends, Beach, Birthday Party 
  • Averaged 5K steps a day with my Boxer, Bella  
  • Took care of personal health and finances  
  • Watched Picasso with my Wifey, This is Us  

My Wife's Gig in NEW HOPE, PA! First GIG out since COVID

Thank you, friends, for being there!

Happy Birthday, Simona! What a great Party! Thank you for the invite!


Not bad eh? I’ll go more in-depth on how I implemented these 3 strategies in my next blog. This is just your appetizer. Stay tuned!  

Take care,  



Feeling Blessed Today 

Hello again,

I have to remind myself that I live a blessed life. I get to do what I love. I get to create art for a living. There are so many people who dread Mondays. I used to be at that exact moment of time four years ago working for a consulting company. I was a graphic designer and after 17 years of working for someone else, my whole body and soul screamed to get out almost every day. Paying the bills was a priority and working for a global company was a form of success that most people sought after. I drank the Cool-Aid too, until my chiropractor said, sitting in front of a computer 16 hours a day and not sleeping consistently was starting to kill me. That's when I knew I needed to go. I had to quit my 6-figure job (which I busted my butt to get to finally) to choose ME, MYSELF, and I instead. So yeah, tonight as I write this, I'm feeling blessed I made that decision to say goodbye to stress, BS, and no sleep. I said hello to Big Magic, welcomed the unknown, and looked forward to so many possibilities.

Until the next time...Follow your curiosity.

Much Love and Gratefulness,


My last day at Deloitte, handing in my ID card, and the biggest smile of FREEDOM!

My first ever blog! 

Hello, world! 

Wow, I'm taking a leap of faith and starting a BLOG! I was working on my website all day today and while I was browsing all the features on this platform, I saw "BLOG" as a new section, and I thought to myself, why not start Blogging! LOL. I will do my best not to bore you or ramble on. Please excuse my future misspellings or incorrect grammar. This will be very interesting to see how my journey will be documented using the art of prose or possibly random vlogs. I am excited to share more about my dreams, goals, and vision of the future. Here we go, following my curiosity...

Much love,