Why hello there! 

I'm so happy you are here! My name is Victoria Veluz and I'm located in NJ with my wonderful wife, Stephanie Chin, our daughter, Malonnie, and spoiled Boxer dog, Bella. 

My "Why" is my family. I do what I do best and work hard for them.

My Wonderful Family

Prior to that, I was a Graphic Designer, Animator, 3D artist, Illustrator, and Game Designer for consulting companies for over 17 years. Yes, I have a diverse background (sometimes I feel like I have ADHD with Traditional Art and Digital Media ((and that's OK! ))),  but one main theme in my life is creative growth and contribution.

I'm Not Just One Thing

I want to inspire others to follow their intrigues - get out of the box and create for the love of it, whether it's for a hobby or towards a full-time living. I'm following my Curiosity and showing you the power of self-expression and wonder. ”